It's Time For A Better Approach!

We've Seen The Problem, 

And Now It's Time For Solutions That Work!

It's Time For A Better Approach!

We've Seen The Problem, 

And Now It's Time For Solutions That Work!

Practitioners: Lorene Sauro, RHN, 
New Model For Better Immunity
Discover the functional immunity approach to help clients resolve their issues and restore true wellness. Go beyond the typical virus/bacteria model and get to the root issues that are compromising immune system function. Deliver real solutions.

Dear Frustrated Health and Wellness Practitioners:

How often has this happened...
  • You have a client who reacts badly to a simple supplement that typically gives you good results
  • Or how about the clients who do everything "right" yet you can't figure out how to resolve their issues
  • You struggle to reach clients because they have bad information that is holding them back
  • You implement standard protocols involving diet and supplements with minimal results for your clients
  • You'r stumped by all the new health conditions that seem to be popping up
  • You watch your clients continue to suffer from a host of health issues — and no one has answers for you when you turn to others for help
  • And you find yourself staying up late at night wondering what more you can do to help your clients when so many of them feel hopeless, angry and helpless, as if their bodies have simply turned against them 
If you answered YES, I’ve got some great news.
Over the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal to you a new model that comes from years of practice, learning the research, and networking with colleagues to help you deliver better results to your clients. 

This approach is also working for my colleagues, and their clients are finding success, too.

You’re about to discover the REAL reason your clients continue to suffer from health issues even after following the standard immune protocols… and how you can gain a fuller understanding of the importance of functional immunity to transform your clients’ lives forever…  

But first, let me introduce myself.
I’m Lorene Sauro, RHN
Founder of the Functional Immunity Program for practitioners, director, and co-founder of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals, a retired teacher at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, winner of the CSNNAA Lifetime Achievement Award, and a fellow practitioner.

I’ve helped hundreds of practitioners just like you who are looking for better ways to assist their clients. That’s because I’ve learned the “ins and outs” of the holistic nutrition field, through reading the research and working with my clients and colleagues, as well as from my own experiences. 

Like many of your clients, I used to struggle with health issues, including endometriosis and arthritis. When I realized the inflammation connection, I was shocked since I did not have the typical symptoms. As I went further to learn the functional relation of the immune system, I gained clarity that helped me solve my problems.

But I had spent a small fortune trying a plethora of supplements that took forever to help. And I knew there has to be a missing piece.  If you’re anything like me, you’re fed up with the standard protocols that leave you and your clients feeling completely helpless and hopeless. 
There's Reason To Hope 

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned after 23 years as a practitioner, it’s that we continue to learn more and, with this comes more solutions.

We now know that a properly functioning immune system is essential for optimal health. And many health issues are connected to immune dysfunction.

But it's not all just about the immune system alone.

It has an intricate relationship with every other system within the body, and we need to understand these connections for true health. 

Moreover, an imbalance in the immune system leads to complex health issues including:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Migraines
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Thyroid issues
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer and other chronic health conditions 
  • Lifestyle and emotional issues
  • CFS and fibromyalgia
  • Brain and nervous system conditions
  • Hormone imbalances
  • And more...
But until now, standard protocols have focused on changing the way you eat and have recommended removing certain foods that are "inflammatory" and adding costly supplements.

These protocols not only limit your clients’ enjoyment of life, but they can also result in an expensive trial-and-error approach to improve health concerns rather than repairing an immune system that's out of balance.
Standard Approaches Often Just Don’t Work
And simplistic approaches to holistic health simply don’t do enough for clients 
I’ve networked with experts in the field and read the research. This allowed me to develop a better approach that targets the underlying causes of immune dysfunction and focuses on restoring balance and healthy function.
But that alone is not enough...
The client is essential to the healing process and for many of us, our clients struggle to make changes. For your clients to be truly satisfied with the results of the protocol you create, they need to be active in the process.
With this new information, you can:
  • Discover the different inflammatory pathways that determine how clients will function and receive the knowledge and confidence to assist your clients more effectively
  • Know the latest research for the inflammatory pathways both inside the body and outside the body to create better protocols
  • Understand what foods and supplements might be best for each client - knowing what was commonly recommended can be wrong for some clients
  • Gain access to a community of practitioners and experts that provide you with the support and expertise you need to be able to help your clients overcome health problems like digestive disorders, gut issues, hormones issues and more that are affected by immune dysfunction
  • Quickly and easily stay up to date with all the latest research… instead of wasting hours trying to figure out the best practices and next steps to help your clients on your own.
  • Learn about the functional immune relationship of all common health issues plus sleep issues, stress, emotions and exercise.  
  • Discover what researchers have discovered about foods, lifestyle and functional immunity that may be playing a role in your clients' issues
  • Create experiential learning elements so clients can actively participate in developing their own protocol - one that makes sense for their problems and their lifestyle.
  • Discover how to use food more effectively and help clients flavor foods they need to consume to their taste preference
  • And much, much more.
You can do more than just recommend restrictive dietary changes and costly supplements. This new model simply works.
But don’t just take my word for it…
Here’s what colleagues have to say about the research I provide and the resources I create:
"Lorene is an amazing resource for all holistic nutrition professionals!  Not only is she a wealth of experience and knowledge – but she thoughtfully and generously shares her wisdom with everyone in her community to help us get in touch with our purpose and reach our goals. I really wish she had been available to me when I first graduated 10 years ago!!"

- Glenda Britton, RHN

"I can't say enough about Lorene's programs, the done-for-you materials, and the follow-up that is included!  Lorene has provided a vast amount of knowledge in easily digestible modules.  The protocols that she provides have been life-changing for many of my clients, making course materials invaluable!  My practice has absolutely bloomed! Thank you, Lorene."  
- Jennifer Lloyd, RHN, CHHC

“Having attended lectures and workshops by Lorene Sauro and purchasing her programs in the past, I can say, with hesitation that Lorene is an amazing teacher and colleague. The research, materials, and resources she provides will serve you and your clients well. Without a doubt, this is a great investment you can make in your holistic nutrition education." 

- Debbie Allmont, DSHM and FSHM
I want you to take a few minutes to picture how you'd feel if you had more answers for clients…

Imagine the sense of pride you'd have, knowing you have even more information to help people 
This approach to health will transform your clients’ lives and grow your practice!
  • Learning to understand the different inflammatory pathways will change how you make recommendations
  • Discovering the connection of immune system to other systems will aid the quality of your protocols
  • Taking back control of your own knowledge, and being confident in your answers, means you'll  know where to look for more information to assit your clients' recovery
  • Helping your clients so they can solve their health issues — without always sacrificing their most loved foods, will serve them for the rest of their lives
  • Feeling proud as you listen to your clients’ success stories, you'll know you were able to bring joy back into someone’s life by giving them answers no one else could before
  • Gaining new ideal clients without even trying, thanks to the rave reviews and word-of-mouth advertising from your satisfied clients who have experienced amazing, REAL results with this new approach, will grow your business
Okay, are you ready to learn how to turn this into reality?
Here’s how to gain the knowledge you need to bring a new wellness to your clients

The Functional Immunity Program
My online program features 5 educational modules and over 14 hours of content that will teach you a fundamental shift in the way you assist your clients and understand their health issues. 
When you enroll in this program, you’ll finally discover:
  • The missing piece of the puzzle that allows you to target the root cause of chronic inflammation affecting clients’ health issues…  so you can recommend the right dietary and lifestyle changes and supplements.
  • The secrets to the different inflammatory pathways to renew your clients’ belief in their bodies’ natural ability to heal and restore their hope and happiness.
  • The REAL reason specific foods cause your clients to have digestive and health issues that interfere with their ability to enjoy life.
  • How to improve your client's quality of life by helping them regain the ability to properly digest, and enjoy the foods they loved to savor before having health issues.
  • What it really means to create better food suggestions that target the inflammatory process that is an issue for them…  and why it's critical to help them prevent further health issues.
  • Why other systems are involved including the gut in various inflammatory health conditions.
  • Step-by-step supplement and food protocols that are based on the latest research and proven to be more effective than standard practices.
  • An in-depth, complete understanding of how and why the inflammatory response works the way it does in order to deliver better functionality to your clients who have been suffering from painful and frustrating health problems.
  • How to target the root causes of your clients’ health problems so that you can finally help put an end to those problems and set your clients up to be free from their health burdens.
  • Why clients who eat clean and follow standard holistic nutrition protocols still suffer from a host of health issues… and what you can do to solve their health dilemmas.
  • The knowledge and confidence you need to utilize a new model that is proven to restore optimal health to the immune system. And we’ll discuss which special conditions are connected to immune dysfunction so that you can make your clients feel healthier all over.
  • The pros and cons of all anti-inflammatory current diet protocols so you know what works best for your clients… 
  • And much, much more!
“I have taken Lorene Sauro’s other programs and have had a profound effect on the way that I deal with clients in practice. These in-depth programs are touching on key aspects of immune health, gut health and hormone health. And as an added benefit she includes practical materials for client and program development to aid practitioners in applying what she teaches in her courses. I highly recommend this program to practitioners of all levels and experience.”

- Cathy Biase, BSc., RHN, CPCC 

I just finished Lorene’s Functional Microbiome Program and I just wanted to say that I thought it was excellent. I believe I learned more practical information with her program, in many ways, than I did from school. I also purchased her other programs and I’m excited to use everything in my business. I like that the programs are customizable, and all the information is easy to understand. Thanks Lorene!” 

Beverly Bedard, RHN
“I absolutely loved the way Lorene designs her programs and have been recommending them to my colleagues. They're really well put together and helped me deepen my ability to help my clients. And I love the tools she provides, too.

- Allie Comston, RN
What makes this nutrition and food training program so different?
  • You have permanent access to all the modules.  All modules are ready for you now.
  • You also have access to motivation tips and exercises to help clients make changes and stay the course.
  • You have full access to expanded, constantly updated research on diet, supplements, and immune health in order to find the most effective protocols for your individual clients.
  • You will learn a new model for health that targets functional immunity, instead of just focusing on limited standard protocols that utilize diet and supplements that don’t always give your clients the results they want.
  • You get step-by-step information on how to transform your clients’ health through the easy-to-follow training modules that include task-oriented protocols for your clients. And you can access them from anywhere online 24/7.
  • You receive bi-monthly support meetings and monthly upgrading webinars plus case study discussions as well as a supportive community that is available to answer any of your questions as you move forward with this new approach.
  • You can do it at your own pace. 
  • You have a permanent resource to access whenever you need it.
  • Each module has a quiz to make it easier to move through the program.
  • Certificates for each section are automatically available for downloading for upgrading CEUs plus the certificate and badge will be emailed to you upon completion. 
  • And much more... 
“I have taken several programs with Lorene and what I really like is the structure, clarity and practical application of all of them in supporting and enhancing my knowledge and skills in my practice. After I took the Functional Microbiome Program, I realized how much latest research was packed in those modules/courses and that she continuously keeps adding more and updating them. I love the regular informal group meetings she does for all of us not only to support us with client cases but also on how to market ourselves and run our business/consultancy. There’s so much to learn from her….. I would recommend her courses to anyone as an investment towards your career which can pay much more in the long run!”

- Geeta Sethi, RHN, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant

 “Lorene's programs far exceeded my expectations. They are full of great, up-to-date information as well as protocol rich. After graduating, I had a lot of information but was unsure how to fit it all together. These programs are providing  the missing pieces for me to feel comfortable in moving forward and creating programs and protocols of my own.”

- Nancy Beyers, CNP
"Lorene's programs have provided me with a wealth of practical knowledge and great materials. The information is well-researched and reliable. I love Lorene’s approach of focusing on improving underlying issues instead of automatically removing problematic foods. Lorene explains all the information very clearly, and her protocols are invaluable. Lorene is very knowledgeable and answers questions in a timely fashion.

- Bonnie James, RHN

“Lorene Sauro has changed my life in a wonderful way. As a new RHN, I was feeling that my knowledge base was too vague leaving me feeling lost as a practitioner. I am so thankful for programs because as soon as I started to learn from her all the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. I now feel that I have the right tools to successfully work on the health and wellbeing of clients and of myself with a deeper understanding of how the body really works. I have always been passionate about food, so learning so much more from Lorene was like reading a really good book – I couldn’t wait to hear what was next! Thank you Lorene!”

- Marie McBeath, RHN
“No matter what your area of specialty is in health and nutrition, this course is a must-have resource in your tool kit! Digestive health is the foundation of every protocol and staying up to date on the most relevant information is crucial, something I learned way back in my school days having Lorene as my instructor. If you want the most relevant up-to-date information on digestive health, then Lorene is the person to learn from. Her passion and knowledge for this topic are incomparable, I know few people as committed to keeping their knowledge and research up-to-date as Lorene. I have been in the health and nutrition business for over 15 years now and it never fails that Lorene brings me new and up-to-date knowledge that I didn’t even realize I needed to know. Having protocols that really work based on the latest research is how you can get your clients results faster and have them singing your praises for dramatically improving their well-being. If you want to provide your clients with strategies that really work to improve digestive health, then you cannot afford to miss this course!”

- Michelle Waithe, RHN
“Lorene has been my go-to person for nutrition information since I was a student. She is a trusted colleague and we have worked together on numerous projects and programs. I am always amazed at the information she has roaming around in her head and the detail she brings to her programs. She is a lot of fun and truly supportive to everyone she works with.” This program is a must and just what our profession needs."

- Lori Kennedy, RHN 
Sign up now and you’ll also receive 
all these incredible tools !
A simple program layout, making it easy to follow.

The Functional Immunity Program

In this program, you'll discover:

Why functional immunity provides more answers

The essential functions of inflammatory pathways

How chronic inflammation occurs and how this affects the rest of the body

The other players that affect the functional immunity process that helps regulate the body

How the inflammation affects other areas of the body, such as the gut, liver, kidneys, and the brain

What foods and supplements to take to balance the inflammatory pathways and calm inflammation for better immune function

How to build a step-by-step food, supplement, and lifestyle protocol unique to each client

This Program Includes:

  • A symptom form  to help you identify the inflammatory pathway issues for your clients
  • Recipe Guide and sample menu plans to provide your clients with easy-to-follow and great tasting healthy meals that will accelerate their healing process and cut down the time-consuming research you have to do on your own
  • Master food chart specific for balancing healthy inflammatory pathways and immune function health and provide more options for clients
  • Immunity Food Checklist and Menu Plan Designer to make it easier for clients to choose new foods
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook group
  • Live Bi-monthly support meetings
  • Video PDFs, research references, quizzes for CEUs and continuous updates to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our discussions or on any of the new and evolving research
Module Outline 

Module 1: We start with a review of the immune system and a comparison of traditional immunology and the functional perspective. Then we detail both the acute and the chronic immune response.

Module 2: We go over the key elements of T-Cell polarization, infection, immune testing, genomics, DNA methylation, autophagy, the endocannabinoid system and inflammation  and the gut connection.

Module 3: We discuss the aging immune system, the stress-immune connection, hormones, allergies and immunity, the liver-kidney immune connection and brain inflammation.

Module 4: Foods connected to T-cell polarization, food sensitivities, supplement sensitivity, alcohol and inflammation, does caffeine cause inflammation, exercise: the good and the bad, pain killers and inflammation, emotional inflammation are all covered in this module.

Module 5: This is the protocol module – we discuss designing the protocol with key foods, fasting, hormesis, probiotics and other supplements, incorporating experiential learning, combining flavors for better taste and strategies for the non-cooks.

Upon Completion of the Functional Immunity Program, You'll Receive The Title Of
 Functional Immunity Educator

Receiving this certificate and badge will increase your credibility with clients and 
enable you to better communicate what you do.

Register now and Receive Done-For-You Tools to help more clients and grow your practice


  • Recipe Guide and sample menu plan to help clients add key foods to their diet with gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo and vegan options
  • Food Checklist to inspire clients and help them experience their protocol 
  • How To Adapt A Recipe Handout to help clients add key nutrients to existing recipes
  • 4 different lead magnets  
  • Client Intake Form
  • Client Food Journal 
  • Handouts for more added benefits for your clients 
  • 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reboot Challenge to provide a quick start to balance immunity
  • 7-Day Stress Challenge
  • Completely customize everything as your own
  • And So Much More...
"Lorene creates the BEST done-for-you materials I've seen. I was so nervous to bite the bullet as I've been disappointed in others. These are excellent. They are far more professional than anything I've seen. I'd buy more of your programs anytime. I'll be proud to add my name and branding to it!!! Thank you for sharing your gift!!”  
- Vickie Dickson, RHN  

“Lorene creates amazing programs. Properly researched and full of usable materials. Her Done-For-You materials have saved me so much time and I love the ongoing support that Lorene provides."  
- Karen Rossi, RN 
Bonus #1: 
Teas, Infusions and Decoctions Immunity Guide 
Instructions and recipes for specific aspects of functional immunity discussed in the program and how to use them in protocols
Bonus #2: Replay Webinar 1 – RSV and Long COVID 
How do they connect to the inflammatory response and what to do to improve immunity? 
Bonus #3: Replay Webinar 2 – Cancer and the Immune Response 
What we need to know before, during and after cancer, about the inflammatory response
Bonus #4: Live Webinar: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
Discover the possible connection between Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and many common health conditions. Go beyond allergies as we discuss the connection to autoimmunity, connective tissue disorders, osteoporosis, neuroinflammation, GI issues, and more. We'll also discuss the role of toxins, mold, and other environmental issues linked to MCAS and the role of stress. Date: TBA

I know keeping up with the latest research while providing your clients with the most effective protocols for healing is difficult. That’s why I’ve developed this program to make it easy to know how to help your clients succeed when traditional protocols
including diet and supplements, have failed.
And I’m confident that the program will provide you with the knowledge, insight, and support you need to deliver true results to your clients suffering from all kinds of problems that are linked to their immune health. 

That’s why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Go ahead and try out the Functional Immunity Program right now.
Explore a new module and join our supportive community for the next 14 days risk-free
If you’re not thrilled with the expert strategies, research, and support you receive, contact me and I’ll gladly refund every penny!
A Better Way To Health Awaits You!  
  Choose The Plan That's Right For You

Functional Immunity 


Regular Price $997.00 - SAVE $600


One-Time Payment - US Dollars

Functional Immunity


Regular Price 2x $517 - SAVE $300 x2

2 x $217 Easy Pay

2 Monthly Payments - US Dollars

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Pricing in US Dollars 

The program comes with every tool, tip, and strategy you need to finally bring the best results to your clients. It was developed for overwhelmed and frustrated practitioners like yourself who know how hard it is to keep up with the latest research and protocols.

So, let me ask you:
  • Do you agree that standard protocols are no longer enough when it comes to assisting your clients with chronic immune issues and other health problems?
  • Do you agree that there’s more to know in order to provide your clients with the help they need?
  • Do you agree that your clients deserve a new approach to the treatment of their health problems that have been proven effective so that they can finally experience a life of joy, health, and freedom?
  • And do you agree that you want the easiest possible way of learning this new model… with plenty of support and updated information along the way?
If so, here’s your chance to transform your practice and your clients' lives

Be a Functional Immunity Educator!

Register for the Functional Immunity Program right now!

To your health and success,

Lorene Sauro, RHN

Frequently Asked Questions
 What is the Functional Immunity Program?
The Functional Immunity Program is designed to help practitioners understand immune function as it relates to all their clients’ health issues. It contains current information on how the inflammatory pathways and inflammation connect to other areas of the body, and the different health conditions. 

It includes a step-by-step approach that allows you to create protocols for both food and supplements for a better strategy for each client. It also includes tools and materials that you can use. 
Who is the Functional Immunity Program for? 
It’s designed as an upgrading program for all wellness practitioners such as health coaches, holistic nutritionists, holistic nurses, fitness trainers, and any other practitioners who want a more functional and foundational approach to helping their clients and patients.

If you’re a practitioner who wants more food options for clients to help them discover whole foods they’ll love and enjoy, then this program is for you. 
Does this program address food restrictions? 
Yes. You’ll learn why a client could have an issue with a specific food and what would have happened to cause this.
If something in you doesn’t feel right when specific whole foods or food groups are blamed for gut issues or inflammation, or any other health issue, then this program will give you the knowledge to understand why the food is not to blame. You’ll learn how to figure this out, step-by-step, for better results for your clients. 
How does the Functional Immunity Program differ from other upgrading programs?  
It’s based on the latest research about immune function and connections to the rest of the body. Lorene is not teaching what she has been taught. She is sharing what she has learned from reading the research for herself and from what she has used with her clients.

You will be part of a like-minded community that shares its knowledge and supports you. Information about immunity, microbiome health and hormone health is changing all the time. This program is regularly updated to reflect the latest research, which helps you stay up to date and have answers to clients’ puzzling issues.  
What is the format of the modules? 
Each module has videos for the topics covered in the module. There are PDFs of the slides in the videos to make it easy to follow along.

There's also a quiz to verify listening for each module and a certificate for CEUs for each quiz. When the program is completed, an emailed certificate and badge are available upon request. Materials and tools that can be helpful for use with clients are included. 
What kind of support is available?
There are bi-monthly live online meetings for all members.
There are bi-module live online reviews.
All members of the program have access to our amazing Facebook group.
Lorene can be reached via email as needed.  
 How many CEUs are available?
There are currently over 14 hours of content in the Functional Immunity Program. Since the program can be done at your own pace, the certificates that are available with each quiz can be used to submit for CEUs. You don’t have to complete the entire program to get the CEUs. You can get them as you complete each module.  
How will the program help me with my clients? 
You will have a process to help every client, no matter their health issue.
You’ll understand why focusing on immune health is important for every protocol.
You’ll be able to help more clients and grow your business as your reputation grows. 
What is Lorene’s background and training?  
Lorene graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She has 20 years of experience in the nutrition field
and has helped hundreds of clients with their health issues.

As a teacher at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, she has also trained thousands of students to become holistic nutritionists. She has helped hundreds of practitioners with her upgrading programs.

She is co-founder of the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference and the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-Pro) and winner of the CSNNAA Lifetime Achievement Award.

The original focus of Lorene’s practice was on hormones since she had her own issues with endometriosis (which she focused on improving by learning from functional medicine practitioners). Learning about gut health was what made the difference for her, and she has since studied the research herself. But she always felt that something was missing. The research on functional immunity provided valuable missing pieces.

Lorene believes that understanding and improving gut health is essential for helping all clients with any health condition. But we need to understand when other aspects of the body are involved. This is where functional immunity is essential. As a food professional for 30 years, she found that among many practitioners there was a lack of understanding of the true role of food and how it assists our health. She has combined her knowledge of food, lifestyle, and supplements to provide a practical step-by-step approach to improve immunity and create better functions for all connected areas including the gut.
Are there any payment options?
Yes, there is an easy-pay option of 2 monthly payments.
What is the return policy?
There is a 14-day money-back guarantee.
How much time will it take to complete the program?
The Functional Immunity Program can be completed easily in 5 weeks. Each module is 2-3 hours in length. 
How long will I have access to the program materials?
Once all modules are released, you will have permanent access. There’s lifetime access to all the program materials, including any future updates or additions. There’s ongoing access to the Facebook group and bi-monthly live meetings, as well as email support.
Will I receive support if I have questions as I am going through the modules and beyond?
Yes, with the bi-monthly live support meetings, bi-module reviews, and Facebook group.
You can also email Lorene with your questions at 
If you have any additional questions, please contact
A Better Way For Helping Clients Awaits You! 
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